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#053 SSO(Single Sign On)

키워드로 정리하는 정보보안 119의 #053 SSO입니다.

통합인증체계 관리를 위한 보안솔루션인 SSO에 대해 알아보겠습니다.

저자 블로그 :

Magic SSO (SSO솔루션, 드림시큐리티)

Magic SSO (SSO솔루션, 드림시큐리티)

Winter in Jorvik! ❄️

A cold winter approaches Jorvik ❄️ Northern lights dance across the night sky and lakes freeze solid. Let's keep warm by celebrating the Winter spirit together Gather your warmest wishes by helping others in times of need and learn about never-before-seen parts of Jorvik- including the island's own constellations and zodiac signs! After a long day of exploring and catching up with friends, head to the winter village to exchange your warm wishes for gifts The content shown in this trailer will be released during several of the upcoming winter weeks, stay tuned!

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